Daniel Rovak, MS, MA, LPC

Life gets complicated, and sometimes, even if it’s hard to admit, we might need a little help from others. Well, you have come to the right place. We find ourselves in many different places as we navigate through life; family issues, relationships, education, transitions, and managing daily responsibilities are just some of the many areas or our life that need attending to. By meeting every client where they are at, I strive to create a safe environment where we can build a trusting relationship and work together to define goals and interventions that work for you!

I have experience working in the counseling center at the University of St. Francis, where I worked primarily with the student population to manage struggles such as depression, anxiety, life transitions, and relationship conflicts. I have had the privilege of spending time in a private practice setting, where I have worked with a variety of individuals from the age of seven and up to help treat mental health and behavioral concerns.

Additionally, I have experience working with the Hoffman Estates Soccer Club and the track team at North Park University to assist with performance related concerns such as performance anxiety, communication skills, motivation, and teamwork. I often incorporate visualization and sensory exercises to attune athlete’s minds with their bodies, which allows them to build every aspect of their performance.

I utilize a Cognitive Behavior approach, teaching clients to understand how their thoughts and behaviors co-exist; working to make small improvements by re-framing perspectives and changing undesired behavioral patterns. I also work from a mindfulness perspective, teaching clients to work towards being present, and achieving comfort with mind and body awareness, which aids in attention and anxiety related concerns. I love to get creative and develop unique ways to address any concern based on the needs of each individual Client. Additionally, I help patients to understand their strengths and successes to build the confidence to move forward.

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