Rosa King, MA, LCPC

Sometimes LIFE can be challenging. With the right coping skills, change of perspective and more insight, life situations can become more manageable. Not sure how, when and why? Allow therapy to help clear your mind and get some questions answered. You should be heard, not judged when talking about personal, important matters. My approach is solution focused and tension reduction. New or old to therapy? No worries, my approach is customizable. You will gain a personalized and creative coping skills plan geared towards your healing. My hands on approach works well for clients through education and homework. Let’s get creative together.

I have over ten years of experience working with adults, couples, and teens with different diagnosis such as anxiety, depression, adjustment disorder, grief, childhood trauma, ADHD, crisis interventions, bipolar disorder, etc. I have a bachelors in fine arts interior design, masters in community counseling, certificate in horticultural therapy and fitness.

Looking for ways to reduce anxiety, depression or just life maintenance? Allow me to make you feel heard, supported and release some of your pain, uneasy feelings and life changes. You no longer have to go through challenges alone. Come brainstorm your way to some type of relief in order to get back on track to the best version of you.

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